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Daily Prompt

Hesitate She listened quietly, She was hurt but, She hesitated to speak up He took all the blame on him, Stood there firmly but, Hesitated to speak for himself. His 11th birthday, He knew; His parents are busy, Money has... Continue Reading →


An unwanted Guest

Baby She was their first child, First love baby. She deserved their unwanted attention; love, care & what not? But what happened was just the opposite of expectations. She was a baby that was wanted yet, unwanted. She was a... Continue Reading →

Glitter But not Gold

Glitter Glittery and sugar coated words that never meant to be real. It made her go all gaga over it. She was like, "He is the best man". She proudly narrated everywhere, she get a chance to go; Parties, birthdays,... Continue Reading →

Hard to translate.

Translate I was asked to translate my happiness I said, 'I don't know' I was asked to translate my miseries I said, 'God knows' I was asked to translate the feelings I said, 'Insensitivity' I was asked to translate the... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Squat

Squat Eight men squatting  her body tearing up her silk linen  blouse, She screamed until word fades in her mouth. She fought back but no energy left in her, she felt like a piece of trash dumped in a dumpster.... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt

    First Light The first light that pierced throw curtains of my memory It caressed my bare skin, touched my eyes. I felt the warmth, heard the soothing melody, I took me to the other world, whispering melancholy. I... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt

Expectation 'He is such a prince charming, He really loves me and care for me' ' He knows what I want even before I say a word. He buy me gifts and flowers even though I never ask for it'.... Continue Reading →

I didn’t ask for it

'It's your fault, You shouldn't have gone to that concert/party in the first place. 'When you knew it wouldn't be a segregated event, you should have avoided it and stayed home.'. These lines are quite familiar and often heard and... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Award

Hey all ! I'm super excited because I have been nominated for Liebster award by this pretty lady she is amazing, check out her blogs. they are awesome. She is a fabulous photographer, you need to check out her photography... Continue Reading →

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