I try to overdo everything whether it’s my job, relations or my daily life and the end result is always messy and horrible. I actually try to value things from their perspective, the people around me. I make sure I please everybody and I cross all the limits; the limits which tells me to value myself and not others. It’s fine if I lose important people in the process but at least I do my best. It is taking a toll on my nerves, I do not know if I am doing life right but I am just doing it. Sometimes, I think I actually deserve this but sometimes, I feel like I am just taking a mockery out of myself. Most of the time, I asked myself questions like, where I stand?, why I feel like I am a left over?, what is the purpose of my life? I know the answers but I am not ready to accept it. I think I am afraid or something? No, definitely not, I am just plain stupid.


You tell me guys?


Phote credits : Rhett Wesley