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‘He is such a prince charming, He really loves me and care for me’ ‘ He knows what I want even before I say a word. He buy me gifts and flowers even though I never ask for it’. Here, Look at this picture’, She flips through her photo gallery and showed me a picture where they both were standing on a beach, holding hands and smiling at each other. That was a perfect click; I liked it. ‘You know I love blue eyes and see ! I got one with the blue eyes’. Nina chattered happily while sipping fruit punch.

‘How are you so sure about it?’ I asked curiously. Off course, Her happiness matters but I was being overprotective and I think that’s my right because she is my best mate.

‘Oh ! come on, He said he loves  me and he will do anything for me. He’s really into me and now he wants to marry me’. She smiled and I saw her eyes sparkling with love. I prayed for her happiness, silently.

‘Okay ! but I still want you to be careful and don’t believe every word of him, you know my tag line “Expectations lead to disappointment”? I tried to warn her even though I was happy for her. She told me about wedding plans and the bridal shower. we spent quality time discussing pros and cons of wedding and stuff.

‘How are you?, how is your family? do he loves you the way he used to before?’ I bombarded her with questions because we have met after 4 months and I was so excited to see her that I forgot to see that she has changed a lot.

‘Yeah, He is good to me because I serve him and cook for him and his family’. she said gloomily. ‘and love you once told me about?’ I asked eagerly.

‘Love? Well, Not everything meant for you even though how hard you try. That was a lie and I was imprudent to believe his every word. He wanted to marry me not because, he loved me but because, his mother wanted a son and his first wife has burdened him with two daughter’.

She was sad and lost in the sea of coldness,..’you were right..she went on, expectations lead to disappointment’ she said skeptically……