Hey all ! I’m super excited because I have been nominated for Liebster award by this pretty lady she is amazing, check out her blogs. they are awesome. She is a fabulous photographer, you need to check out her photography skills. I bet you all will love it and poetry too. I owe her one seriously. Well, It’s a great thing to know; when you’re a new blogger and suddenly, someone nominates you for this award. It’s a great feeling to connect with each other. In the meantime, I thought to write something about me because that’s the first rule of this award. When I first started writing blogs, I didn’t get much attention or you can say feedback . It was a hard time for me cause’ there were always some mistakes that my few friends were pointing out. I worked on that mistakes and still learning. WELL, Now people appreciate my blogs and encourage me to keep up this great work. Yeah, I’m happy now..! Few of my friends who really helped me polishing my skills are yaseer, Areeba ( check out her novel on whattpad), Mishaal and Nimrah. I think without them I won’t be able to do this much. I owe them everything. when I signed up here, I followed some good people and they also helped me a lot. What I believe is, criticism good or bad should be appreciated because that’s how you learn. I did.

11 Facts about me !

  1. I’m Mehwysh Awan and 24 y/o business student. (graduated now)
  2. I am a good secret keeper.
  3. I love chocolates and Chicken. (can’t survive without them) honestly.
  4. I am a straight forward girl.
  5. I don’t usually plan, I just do whatever I want to do.
  6. I can’t share food, never.
  7. I’m neither too conservative nor too liberal.
  8. I hate Kingdom  reptile. I would kill myself rather than hold a snake in my hand .
  9. I love reading and writing. I will stand in the middle of the road and read if I find something interesting written on some car.:P
  10. My aim is to tour this world alone.
  11. I want to become an independent girl financially and that’s what really matters to me now

Now the answers asked by Parvathi Vijay:

  • That memory which is quite close to your heart?           When I won the first prize in Qirat (Recitation of Quran) at the age of 10.
  • A person you always wished to be and the reason for that?     Nope, I don’t want to become anyone. I want to have my own identity.
  • Your long cherished dream?   World Tour.
  • That one evil among people which you badly want to be removed?     Intolerance. I want people to be a bit tolerant so that we don’t have to kill anyone for petty issues.
  • Tell me three things from your bucket list?      World tour.  want to watch a match at Camp Nou and Setting up a chocolate factory for me.:P
  • Any supernatural power you always wanted to have?         I wanna have a magic wand so that I can mend people’s evil hearts.
  • Your hidden passion which you are afraid to reveal because you feel that you might be mocked at?             Want to become a footballer..:P
  • Your greatest talent?              I can sleep all day, all night without getting tired.
  • Bike or car?      BOTH.
  • That one person whom you would take with you as your traveling partner?      My BFF Zahra.
  • Are you afraid of death?     NO.


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