Terrorism: A mindset:


From the past many years; Pakistan is facing a huge problem and that is terrorism.. we lost millions because of terrorism. It’s such an evil that is consuming our country. It’ s basically a mindset that has prevailed  far and wide. You can buy a person in few pennies and deal’s done; there he is, ready to blow himself up for the sake of 72 Virgins. Yes, that’s how they brainwash their prey and get their filthy job done. According to some terrorists who claim themselves as “Taliban”, They have assumed this as ‘serving the religion’. Absolutely outrageous lie. I mean, who on earth serve HIS religion by attacking innocents and invading their land for no particular reason?. Their main aim is to create anarchy on the orders of their ‘Masters’.

A mother waiting for her child, who has yet to return from school, a father hoping to rejoin his family at evening tea. A sister waiting for his brother to escort him to her tuition center. A wife waiting for his husband so that they can have lunch together.Nobody is certain of their breaths once they leave the home. Returning safely is a blessing, a new life in itself.  This fear has a  huge impact on people’s behavior. This has ruined our society completely.  We have become intolerant and dead..whatever happens; we mourn it for a day and move on..No questions,  if’s n but’s. No research and no solutions. NOTHING. We are just like a storm that makes its way through the sand and build up another dune while destroying the previous one.

The irony is unmistakable here. You see, we are suffering from mind slavery. This terrorism thing needs to be stopped by means because we cannot let our people die for their war..I mean what’s our fault that we happen to die for everyone. Why are we presenting ourselves as “Pig for slaughter”? Mindset needs to change big time.

It’s high time we should raise our voice against such atrocities and deal with it with iron -clad hand. Our Govt needs to open her eyes and do something practically to secure this land, OUR LAND.  They are accountable to us because we chose them. There must be a strong and transparent accountability system so, these culprits do not get away easily..! …