Social Media And Overwhelming Emotions:

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This world is so captivating, intriguing, addictive alluring, enchanting and list goes on. People signing up for different sites and spending most of the time there, chit chatting with friends and relatives. This sound so appealing because when you see everyone sharing pictures, posts regarding how their day was and what they did all day long. You’d be thinking they are so happy in their life .some social sites addicts are on whole new level. One is feeling thoughtful ( to wear red or blue), other is happy ( oh yeah, crush has texted him/her back). obviously that is something to cheer about.*rolls eyes*

Some Aunties are showing their new collection of dresses and hoping that other ladies might get jealous. Uncles are talking about stuff like:” Ap ajj club aarhe hein?” or ” Yeh hakumat to kisi kaam ki nahe” blah blah. Talking about young generation? Wait, Hold your horses: I’m just coming to that. Everyone knows how this generation has become adhesive to this INTERNET world.

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Kids are overhauling their statuses like a cricket match going on and they are supposed to comment about it every second, mint and hour. Be it a Twitter, Face book or Instagram; everyone appears as though to be  in a competition where, It is necessary to judge others and going hardcore against each other and ranting about stuff that doesn’t make sense at all (Don’t worry, I’m in the list too). So, It looks like nobody has any life except for the life depicted on social media. I didn’t mean to say that it’s wrong but, there is saying that “Excess of everything is bad“.  My point is to create the balance between the two worlds so that everything works smoothly. Some people have argued on this topic on the grounds that we have every right to show the world what we are doing now. Yeah, like we are so eager to know what you’re up to? *sigh*.

I know, I will be bombarded with the titles like Miss negative or a pessimist. Nah, Nah I’m not being pessimist: I’m just stating some adverse aspects of this parallel world for your safety people.. You should know to whom you’re interacting with and sharing your photos or even contact numbers because many cases were registered in the past to the Cyber Crime Department against hacking, blackmailing and extorting etc. Few of the victims claimed that they were being blackmailed for their photos that they had shared with these people. They were demanding ransom for these photos or they were trying to trap person in wrong doings. So, that’s the case one should be aware of the person’s background, habits etc .

It surely does has positive sides too but, My primary focus was on negative sides because I want the general population be in safer hands. I wanna tell them that there are people in your life who owes you a great deal, i-e Your parents and your siblings. They should be your top priority. They will stand with you no matter what. They will never see tears in your eyes. They deserve your time. They are permanent, rest are temporary..! You should also be very careful whatever you post on social media because this :


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P.S : This image literally gave me goosebumps..