Beware! I’m a Poser:

“People will judge no matter what”, Yeah heard this damn statement from every other person but guess what? This is what you do, your friend does. we are hypocrites living in hypocritical world. I say we have taken everything for granted because we think it’s our birth right to be treated that way and when it is our turn we simply react the opposite. How is that possible that we treat other people as our equal? Damn no way, We are unrivaled. It bubbles me up whenever I see such attitude of people towards people. In fact, this behavior is found for a specific class or classes. This will gobble up society and there will be huge gap b/w rich & poor, better & worse. People being looked down upon because they are not much talented or lack certain ability?  People hate their fellow being for being poor.. Where is this society heading to?  When injustice get to prevail in society then people grab what is not theirs and afterwards our society won’t keep going long. We can see many examples from the past where nations were doomed because they hadn’t treat people right and just-fully . It’s about time we start taking notes on how to treat people. According to Martin Luther king:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. 

This is injustice to despise people of their statuses or abilities. Nobody is born perfect and nobody wants to be judged by their imperfections. Most of the times people merely ridicule with their eyes or smirk. This narcissistic behavior is mainly due to arrogance or being too egocentric. God created every soul without any discrimination then who we are to judge and disrespect? Yes, People do say, “only God can judge us” but they cannot live a day without judging others. . This is a world full of bigots where, It is harder to recognize someone; who is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Impostors are everywhere trying to act natural. Since you cannot recognize a crook so you become one.  yes, that is what being a hypocrite is. #Irony.

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up”

Jesse Jackson