Personal Space Invaders:

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Have you ever come across a situation when you need to explode, vent out your frustration on something that disgusts you?. well, from the past two days I have been feeling the same. I want to treat general population same way the way they are treating me. I want to tell them that it’s my life and I can’t be them. I can’t be their image, never. I’m me, not somebody else. I have every right to live the way I can..Why do I have to be perfect? It’s human nature to commit mistakes likewise, it’s also a human nature that it learn from these mistakes..why don’t people look to the other side, the brighter side? why always see the cynicism? Nowadays people religiously pick point negative things in every part of life. It’s becoming a trend to pinpoint every negative aspect overlooking positivity. We will find a huge number of pessimists and less number of optimists. People want me to be a good chef, a brilliant student, a perfect manager. Yesterday when I was doing my assignment my mom came to me and said, “your aunt suggests you should go for Arts and in the evening take cooking classes”. why? asked me. because she thinks Business subject is not appropriate for girls. Why is this dumb level-headed debate over what is a good fit for young ladies and men? Learning is not confined to any sexual orientation. My question is, Why our relatives are so interested in our life?? Barging on in at crucial times is the most favorite side interest of our relatives. It’s our life and we are to decide what we are good at? I told my mom that you should convey my message Β that i will choose what I want to, Her suggestions neither required nor needed. I hope my message is well conveyed, though my mom didn’t like the attitude, but I have to tell ’em that I’m not here to please them whatsoever. I did the right thing and I’m pretty much sure of it. Tadaa