Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s day, well the term says it all. The day meant for lovebirds to spread love n adoration and so forth like we were just resting our ass in remaining 364 days. Cut the crap, what’s the motivation behind loving someone on some particular day? Be it a friend, family or somebody exceptional. I mean you can still adore, care for someone other than 14th Feb. Sharing is caring so, everyone shares chocolates (slaying) and teddy bears (like they will gonna help you in your assignment or anything?) and flowers ( waste of money) on valentine’s day. I know flowers are beautiful yet why squander your cash since all you will gonna do put them on a side table and make them decay there?  So, it is only on 14th Feb you will be blessed for sharing love n stuff while the rest of the days it’s sin or something?  I discover this thought exceptionally stupid as it is extremely  contradictory to our religion as well. People are nowadays obsessed with the stuff which make them cooler in front of others. This is 21st century where your neighbor don’t give a damn in case you’re alive or dead.

Someone told me the reason that we commend this day because it’s specified for love. Okay I got that point but what about on normal days?? disregard them?  care less for them? Everyone overhaul their social media posts “look what we’ve got and now all of you get envious”, idiocy. Like people care what others are doing and who got what from whom? the irony is unmistakable here. Absolutely nonsensical on the grounds that we can share love and endowments to others on typical days which can make them equally happy. The point is, Don’t wait for the moments to make someone happy. Just make ordinary moments special and cherish every moment of your life because every mint counts. yes, you don’t have to celebrate anything on a specific day..

“If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by”.