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I used to fall for  personalities polished well in terms of looks and appearances . I was always trying to be friends with those people with prettier faces and a bit of intelligence. I used to stare when they walk past by (usually happened when i was in school) making me look at them for so long and inside my heart; I always wished to be their friend and guess what? they never really gave a damn about my existence.  I don’t know why I felt like having them around just like everyone else? Well, I was a loner at that time ( shifted to other section) maybe i felt it that way or maybe my mind was in denial that nobody can become my friend. Soon after my matriculation I entered my college life and that too in the same college. I chose maths along with few students and rest chosen biology. My class was totally a damn new sight i-e, “new people, new life”. There, I made new friends and enjoyed every bit of my college life. They were far more intelligent and fun loving not arrogant like my matric friends.  I learned new dimensions of life. Y’all be wondering what sort of story is this? well, what I am trying to say is that never fall for pretty faces ’cause they have beautified their faces but not personality, knowing the fact that they are ugliest, arrogant from their heart. It doesn’t matter how pretty your friend is. The thing that matters most is, your attitude, your heart if it melts for a child in a street without shoes or for astray wounded dog. If you are unhappy because your neighbor is having bad times then you’re the prettiest of all. I found this accurate for those looking for beautiful faces:

“Don’t look for pretty face. It will turn old one day.” .