You Rule, You win

People will always disappoint you no matter what. Sometimes, someone is having a problem with your attitude. The person sitting next to you is weary of your talk or even your costume, your classmate hates you for being a topper. Your relatives hate you for being talkative or being too sloppy. In fact, every person whom you interact with in your daily life has got some problems regarding you, your personality or anything. This just doesn’t end here, they want you to present yourself in the manner they like. This attitude found in the society makes you feel guilty, because you think, you’re not living up to their expectations.

To tell you the truth if you doing so, you are wrong. Here, you are being guilty of being true, for being pure and natural and that is so not fair. You were born independent and you will die independently. Nobody will escort you to the other side of the world. You alone will hold accountable for your deeds whatsoever. Here in this world of chaos, you have to strive for your survival all alone. People can guide you to destiny but remember they will be in the first row to share your happiness but will never take the responsibility for your loss.

It is in the time of crisis one recognizes his true friends and people pretending to be true friends. There are only a few to back you up rest will all disappear like the stars in the daytime. Nobody wants to be the part of the darkness. It takes a great amount of strength to share the pain of anyone.

All you have to do is to follow some simple rules to make your life worth living and these are:

  • Act Naturally.
  • Never put on a show to be somebody else. This will save you from many awkward situations.
  • Think wisely before choosing anything.
  • Listen to everyone’s opinion but respect your opinion in the first place.
    Face the difficulties and handle them yourself.
  • Do not even try to trust your friends who are your “Good time friends” only.
  • Reliance on others will only make your life more difficult as you will look for them in every damn situation.
  • Be what you want to be, not the one society wants you to be because in the end you will be hold solely responsible for the loss.

So, roll your sleeves and get started to work. You’re what you are and don’t let anyone boss you around. It’s your life, Don’t let anyone make you their punching bag. Don’t let others write the rules of your life.!