Every day we are confronted with difficult situations, difficult to stand out, face hurdles in explaining our viewpoint or simply we have been pushed away by our loved ones because we have become “deviated” in their eyes through our actions. It’s the worst situation of one’s life cause that a person feels so much pressure from the society because the society we live in demand perfection in every sense of our life. You can’t question, no if’s or but’s just follow what you are being told and get done with the title “Obedient”. Once you even try to question “why”, here you go facing all the irrelevant questions, accuses you have never even imagine in your entire life. Well, the point is, what good you are to yourself when you become dimwit freak with no personal skills of yours only following the lines curved out by society?? That’s the point, going against the tide will make you stand out.

Learning is important which you can excel by doing research on your own, following your own lines which will actually enhance your knowledge, will broaden up your mind. All you need is a planned out scheme, you should question yourself about what you wanna learn? This will pave out a way to research which will ultimately lead you towards your destination.

It is rightly said that life is a struggle but for those who see it from a different perspective, not for those who always rely on some script. Best thing is to question everything from an atom to this huge Galaxy. This will definitely help you in finding the right destiny for you and also inner satisfaction is more important for which you won’t boil up with regrets later..! Most of all Determination is important, Once you have chosen something stick to it right till the end. Giving proper time and effort is all you need. Don’t let society make a fool out of you. So, follow your heart, choose best and Shine like a Diamond.