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Daily Prompt: Droll



He aimed to become a droll

He was quite sure of his role

He learned to handle the trolls

He tried hard but he couldn’t,

Fit in the role so he fought &,

He Failed ’cause he knew

This ship has been sailed.

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I was told that I am a queen
I was told that I can fly
Higher than the mountains
I was told I have wings
Nobody can clip them
I was told I am a free soul
I can laugh and roll
I was told I am a light
Can shine anywhere I want
But I was wrong
I was thrown into flames
I was shamed and blamed
For being too loudmouthed
For pointing out their filthy fouls
It didn’t stop me
I conquered the flames
I turned their direction
With the power of my burns

Daily Prompt: Planet

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 Thunder and natural calamities

Wrecking this planet

Greed and thirst for more

Making the residents go insane

Hatred, conceit and pain

Feeding them with lust

Forcing them to bite the dust



When you feel

When you feel low

Take a bow

When you feel high

Stand tall and high

When you feel lousy

Take a sip of boury.

When you feel good

Be gentle and understood

When you feel happy

Dance around and share bounty

When you feel sad

Don’t get mad

When you feel lazy

Jump into ecstasy

Magical Woman

She is a magical woman

She drives me crazy

When I look into her eyes

All I see the storm and  blue skies

She is so magical & irresistible

Her voice so charismatic

Her attire so unconquerable.

She is the one I am looking for

She is the one I wanna hold onto

She is the one I wanna go places with

Yes, she is the one ❤ !

P.S Someone asked me to write this poem for someone really special.


Center of Attention.

via Daily Prompt: Center

He was pushed behind the walls because he couldn’t do anything. He was stopped at the doors because a useless human deserve no invitation. He always fancy arts and singing was his passion but he was told about his failure frequently. He failed and failed several times yet, he has no regrets. He quenched his thirst in solitude, his fingers running through the strings, his voice, inaudible yet, every thing around him feel the rhythm of his music. He was now the center of attention, for every little thing danced around him following the pattern, high on tempo, playing it to the beat. He was the winner at that night, A winner who has no competitor.

Daily Prompt


She listened quietly,

She was hurt but,

She hesitated to speak up

He took all the blame on him,

Stood there firmly but,

Hesitated to speak for himself.

His 11th birthday, He knew;

His parents are busy,

Money has more value,

Hence; He Hesitated,

To ask for celebration.

She wanted a doll,

Knew; mum's working  hard,

As usual, hesitated to ask,

For present again.


They all hesitated,

They all miscalculated,

Their chances refuted.

Their lives revolted.

An unwanted Guest

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She was their first child, First love baby. She deserved their unwanted attention; love, care & what not? But what happened was just the opposite of expectations. She was a baby that was wanted yet, unwanted. She was a baby that couldn’t be able to pull a smile on their face when she breathed for the first time. Nothing could’ve helped them to soothe out their misery.

They wasn’t ready for it because it’s too early now, All the responsibilities were dropped on their shoulders. What to do? Why did she come in this world so early? Why God why?

These questions always popped up in her head when she was going about the day, doing stuff and chores. She took a maternity leave and the very next day, her husband lost a job. She couldn’t think of anything else; rather blamed her only child which was the cause of her miseries, according to her. Strange..isn’t it? She brought the bad luck. She brought the curse upon them, She thought about it the other day, while putting the baby in cradle.

Why would a tiny little child be the cause of their miseries? How are they get bind to miseries due to a baby? She was going all nuts, nowhere to go. Things weren’t going well, It was hard for her husband to find a decent job. Their mental peace was messed to the point that they have started hating their own blood. Whenever she got angry, she needed something to vent out her frustration so, Someone had to play the role of punching bag, a radio or a dairy. Ironically, Her daughter served the purpose well.

Glitter But not Gold


Glittery and sugar coated words that never meant to be real. It made her go all gaga over it. She was like, “He is the best man”. She proudly narrated everywhere, she get a chance to go; Parties, birthdays, weddings. She’d say, “I am proud of him’.

But all went in vain when he showed his true colors, which leads her to admit, “not all that glitter is gold”. She has started to think with a new perspective, trying to own things that seem real. Her real journey begins with a new way.

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