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Daily Prompt: Droll

Droll   He aimed to become a droll He was quite sure of his role He learned to handle the trolls He tried hard but he couldn't, Fit in the role so he fought &, He Failed 'cause he knew... Continue Reading →

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Time to Cake Up!

Peek Freans’ iconic Pied Piper has become a household name over the years. After almost five decades, several best-selling products and millions of satisfied cravings, Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited steps into a new food category... Continue Reading →

Bites and Vibes: Rush hour at Islamabad

I was invited by Food Panda to an amazing food fest; Bites and Vibes in Islamabad and it was a total hit. The event was massive success with a lot of fun and feasts for people of all ages. Food... Continue Reading →

Bites and Vibes: A Foodie Ride

As the saying goes, "There is a will, there is a way" but in my case it's slightly different i-e: "There is a food, there is me" yes, that's how it goes when it comes to me. Food is an... Continue Reading →


I was told that I am a queen I was told that I can fly Higher than the mountains I was told I have wings Nobody can clip them I was told I am a free soul I can laugh... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Planet

via Daily Prompt: Planet  Thunder and natural calamities Wrecking this planet Greed and thirst for more Making the residents go insane Hatred, conceit and pain Feeding them with lust Forcing them to bite the dust    

When you feel

When you feel low Take a bow When you feel high Stand tall and high When you feel lousy Take a sip of boury. When you feel good Be gentle and understood When you feel happy Dance around and share... Continue Reading →

Magical Woman

She is a magical woman She drives me crazy When I look into her eyes All I see the storm and  blue skies She is so magical & irresistible Her voice so charismatic Her attire so unconquerable. She is the... Continue Reading →

Center of Attention.

via Daily Prompt: Center He was pushed behind the walls because he couldn't do anything. He was stopped at the doors because a useless human deserve no invitation. He always fancy arts and singing was his passion but he was... Continue Reading →

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