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Daily Prompt: Droll

Droll   He aimed to become a droll He was quite sure of his role He learned to handle the trolls He tried hard but he couldn't, Fit in the role so he fought &, He Failed 'cause he knew... Continue Reading →

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Haar Ko Harao

Why failure is a bad thing? Failure is often considered bad and people tend to choose success either by hook or crook but they do not want to face failure without realizing that failure and success go hand in hand. If... Continue Reading →

Religious Intolerance: A serious threat to our society!

 Ramadan— a month of tolerance, patience, and a chance to purify one's soul.  Muslim around the globe observed this month to rectify their wrong doings, purify their souls, increase their ibadah and indulge in good deeds in order to commemorate... Continue Reading →

Not My Fault!

This one friend of mine told me, the other day, that I am a loser. Upon asking why you'd say such a thing to me, she answered in such a strange way that I totally lost it. I don't know... Continue Reading →

Price Hike: Just Or Unjust!

Tuition is the amount of money which a school charges for educating your child and one must understand that nothing comes free, one has to pay for a service he/she wants to avail and in the same way, private schools... Continue Reading →

Overdoing everything religiously

Messy I try to overdo everything whether it's my job, relations or my daily life and the end result is always messy and horrible. I actually try to value things from their perspective, the people around me. I make sure... Continue Reading →

Time to Cake Up!

Peek Freans’ iconic Pied Piper has become a household name over the years. After almost five decades, several best-selling products and millions of satisfied cravings, Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer, English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited steps into a new food category... Continue Reading →

Bites and Vibes: Rush hour at Islamabad

I was invited by Food Panda to an amazing food fest; Bites and Vibes in Islamabad and it was a total hit. The event was massive success with a lot of fun and feasts for people of all ages. Food... Continue Reading →

Bites and Vibes: A Foodie Ride

As the saying goes, "There is a will, there is a way" but in my case it's slightly different i-e: "There is a food, there is me" yes, that's how it goes when it comes to me. Food is an... Continue Reading →

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